Hillary Clinton, Dems, etc

I’m uncomfortable how inevitable it appears that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for POTUS. I know, Elizabeth Warren is a goddamn hippie and those people never win elections, I’ve heard it.

But the Democratic Party, with rare exceptions like Obama, seems to have difficulty campaigning nationally. I am comfortable saying as a whole, the Democratic Party couldn’t campaign its way out of a paper bag. Shit, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi probably couldn’t persuade me to leave a burning building.

And that’s a problem. Anointing Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee 18 months early… seems like it’s perpetuating the problem. Obama wasn’t weaker because he fended off Clinton in the primaries. He had to work his ass off for that nomination, he did, and then he beat McCain and Romney later on.

I assume campaigning is like anything else: practice makes perfect. It’s why my writing is crap now; I didn’t practice. What was the last election that Clinton won? 2006? That was eight years ago. What were you doing eight years ago?

I don’t care if she was the Secretary of State. I don’t care if she was the goddamn Empress of Atlantis. The Democratic Party and liberals in the US need to make sure that she has what it takes to win an election, and right now we just seem to be hand-waving it because all the Republican contenders seem like goddamn morons. Guess what, they probably are, but if there’s one thing Republicans are good at it’s winning elections on a local, state AND national level.

Sometimes I feel like there’s a dichotomy here: Winning Elections versus Governing Well, where Democrats seem to focus on the latter. Guess what. It doesn’t matter one bit how well you might have governed if you lose your election. Al Gore might not have invaded Iraq? Tough shit, because he lost his election. He lost under shady circumstances? Again, tough shit.


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