While we’re discussing bombings

I think this bombing of a NAACP office deserves some attention too: http://www.vox.com/2015/1/7/7508027/naacp-bombing

I have not seen a damn thing about it yet on major news networks, and now that the Paris shooting occurred I suspect I may not ever. But it reminds me of an event a few years ago, where a man crashed a small plane into an Austin, TX IRS building. This didn’t get a whole ton of attention either.

Look, if we’re going to obsessively focus on terrorist attacks, can we at least be more even-handed? If someone bombs a building, or crashes a plane into it, or whatever, it really shouldn’t matter too much what their skin color, religion, or political beliefs are. If a white Christian guy commits an atrocity, it’s just as bad as if it’s a person of color or a Muslim or whomever.

I mean, if it’s your family member who gets killed, are you really going to feel much better because at least the killer was “saved”?

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